ASTUTE is a multidisciplinary and technology-oriented project with strong industry support.

It aims at the development of an advanced and innovative pro-active HMI interface and reasoning engine system for improving the way the human being deals with complex and huge information quantities, during real operations that without any  type of assistance would saturate his performance and decision-making capabilities in different operative conditions and contexts.

The 6th General Assembly of ASTUTE project celebrated in LEITAT, TERRRASSA, Spain last 9th and 10th April.
A successful meeting to prepare the finalization of the project.

Astute participated for the second time to the ARTEMIS Co-Summit. The event was located in Stockholm. Astute had a stand where apart from the usual project pitch three demonstrator demos on the Astute approach were presented: Building Management domain, Automotive Infotainment domain, Emergency Dispatching domain and Manufacturing Management Process domain.

Project achievements were shown in a successful presentation to Artemis and national authorities, so we want to thank all partners involved and the efforts and work done during the project.

Dec / 10 / 2013

In the capital of Sweden – Stockholm – the sixth edition of the annual Co-summit will take place! On 4 & 5 December the Scandic Infra Business Center is this years the place to be to meet about 650-700 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press from all over Europe.

Oct / 10 / 2013

In the recent decade the availability and adoption of new technologies (e.g. sensors, mobile devices, wearable gadgets, ...) made possible the development of intelligent application environments. Expert users (e.g. machine operators, car drivers, dispatchers, ...) interact with all kinds of smart devices in their daily lives and become overloaded and even intimidated by the complexity and amount of data generated by these devices.